David Rhymer and Kris Demeanor's


on one of the most controversial series in comic book history.

The tale of an artist who became a murderer much like the cartoon characters of his make believe nightmare creations

A provocative examination of society's fascination with the criminal mind.

With the word CRIME ten times larger than any other word in the logo, you knew what you were getting right from the start! Violence and Crime! And lots of it!

Each issue featured brutal tales of gangsters, diabolical dames, maniacal killers, and thugs of all stripes. For the price of a dime a young reader could discover an astonishing array of offences, gruesomely illustrated in lurid detail. Disguised as morality plays and pseudo documentaries about supposedly "true" crime exploits, the comic consistently pushed the boundaries, romanticizing the world of crime and glorifying the criminals who lived in it!

The series was hosted by Mr. Crime, a ghoulish spectre with pointed ears, fanged teeth and top hat, who each month cajoled the reader for not having the guts or the smarts to commit the perfect crime. Crime Does Not Pay soon became the target of social reformers who saw a link between the comic as a virtual how to manual on crime and the rise of juvenile delinquency.

The public outcry grew so loud that a number of Federal hearings were launched resulting in the creation of the Comic Code Authority- a quasi-governmental censorship body that eventually forced the creators of Crime Does Not Pay out of business!

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