Composer: David Rhymer

Book: Blake Brooker & David Rhymer

Additional Composition: Jonathan Lewis, Richard Mcdowell & Peter Moller

A hallucinogenic chronicle of the American Beat movement. Through a series of tightly choreographed songs, Dream Machine explores aspects of the lives and aesthetics of seminal Beat figures Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.

At the centre of the 1950s Beat circle, Burroughs and Gysin worked tirelessly to build the enigmatic Dream Machine, a device that used flickering light to alter brain waves and plunge the user into a waking dream state, free from the influences of advertising and mass culture. An exploration of their iconoclastic aesthetic and context forms the basis of this unconventional musical inspired by this group of notoriously wild outsiders, whose spiritual and artistic quest changed popular culture forever!


" What Brooker and composer David Rhymer have accomplished is nothing short of a post 9/11 reflection on life, love and the state of the union, virtually pulsing with passion and patriotism even while it wails its deep and heartfelt regret at the things that could have been -- should have been -- but were stillborn instead. " -Toronto Star

" An "oratorio" -- that maps out the personal and political landscape of the Beat movement to the sounds of a syncopated, arty, jazzy rhythm. (He's probably heard this before, but that Rhymer sure got rhythm.) " -Globe And Mail

David Rhymer's music is fantastic. It is also virtually unclassifiable- a mesmerising lyricism underlies all of the music. Georgia Straight

" It is a gorgeous, moody cabaret of decadent pleasures and spiritual sufferings. " -Toronto Sun

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